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A custom software solution will save you time and money and allow you to run your organisation in the way that suits you, rather than being constrained by some existing software package. It may also give you an edge against your competitors.

Developing a custom application to run your organisation is not as complex, expensive and time consuming as you may think. Most of the systems we have developed for clients have been initially developed within a month or so. Once developed and in use by the clients, they undergo further development as users see the advantage of the system and realise there are more efficient ways to perform their day to day tasks.

The Solutions Factory has developed a wide range of systems from basic websites to complete Enterprise Resource Planning systems running international organisations.

We have developed, maintained and supported systems for a wide range of clients from small businesses to national organisations such as the Ministry of Defence through to international groups such as GE and Capita.

Our systems are in use by thousands of users worldwide.