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We currently have 7 developers, all MOD Security Check (SC) cleared. We have the ability to increase the number of developers to develop or support major projects for clients.

We are supported by two other companies based in London making a total of 17 staff: Entegraty for onsite installations, support and maintenance of operating systems and all applications. Entegraty also provide hardware support and training nationally for some applications developed by The Solutions Factory. Websurfer for Internet requirements including hosting our 4 internet servers at two separate secure locations in London. We have been working with Websurfer since 1997.

All of our clients have different requirements so we have learned to be quick to adapt and understand our clients' businesses and existing systems. Many software firms blindly follow specifications given to them, written by people who do not understand the clients business. Then, when the system does not operate as the staff had hoped, they take years and huge additional costs to get the system right. In the meantime staff don't use the system and the project becomes a failure. The director of The Solutions Factory ran a computer manufacturing business for 5 years before starting The Solutions Factory and developed systems to help that business run more efficiently so understands business requirements from the ground up. We are very flexible and rapidly respond to the end users requirements.

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