The Solutions Factory's Project Management application, Gemini, was developed to manage the Construction Management Project and Consultancy Projects of Woolf, part of the Capita Group. This runs through an Extranet based system at multiple project sites across the UK, handling projects worth over £1 billion. Some of the features of Gemini are listed here:

Projects Database

Customers Database

Contractors Database

Consultants Database

Financial Planning Tools
  • Anticipated Cost Report.
  • Budget Transfers.
  • Anticipated Cost Report.
  • Scope Changes.
  • Reserves.
  • Change Requests.
  • Construction/Project Manager Instructions.
  • Confirmation of Variances.
  • Agreed Deductions.
  • Payment Certificates.
  • Unplaced Orders.
  • Invoice Tracking.
Trade Package Management

Site Diary

Tender Event Schedule

Drawings Management
  • Drawings Database including revision control.
  • Submissions.
  • Transmittals.
  • Requests for Information.
  • Day to day management reporting.
  • Reports to clients.
  • Reports to consultants.
Supply Chain Management
  • Public website for use by contractors to manage their own prequalification details such as insurances and accounts.
  • Scoring of contractors.
  • Approval of contractors for tender.


Capita Symonds and Woolf

Woolf - Capita Symonds