The Solutions Factory research database system, XDB, was developed with the Beazley Archive and Ashmolean Museum of the University of Oxford. This is an extensible database that allows researchers to define their own database structures without having to be experts in programming or database design. The Beazley Archive database currently holds over records on over 200,000 objects with 200,000 images. The database has been used to link with the Universities of Cologne, Paris and Basel. Some of the features of our research database are listed here:

Allows researchers to define their own sub-databases for projects easily and quickly, while maintaining the ability for the system to cross search all data

Public websites including multiple methods of searching such as free text, directed searching, timelines and maps

Management interface available through a simple web browser

Multi lingual thesauri

Cross searching with databases from other organisations

Export of data to XML and CIDOC CRM RDF formats

Link with Datawebs technologies