The Solutions Factory's Property Management application, Symphony, was developed to manage the estate of the Volunteer Reserves across the UK, consisting of over 7,000 buildings managed by 13 regional centres with a budget of over £100m. It runs the complete organisation, from planning maintenance works through to a full accounting system. There are other products on the market that perform some of the functions of Symphony but none that have them fully integrated into a single system. Some of the advantages of integration are: cutting out duplication of data which leads to duplication of work and is prone to error, cutting out the process of transferring data from one system to another as work progresses e.g. from a planning tool to an ordering and accounting tool and reducing the number of platforms staff need to be trained in, all of which makes your organisation more efficient and more productive. Some of the features of Symphony are listed here:

Asset Database, including a user definable hierarchy, an Integrated Estate Management Plan, Health and Safety, 4Cs and environmental records.

Contractor Database, including a prequalification questionnaires.

Contractor Portal, allowing contractors to maintain their details through a public internet site and manage records of their own works.

Units Database, for non-military applications this would be the organisation or people who use the building.

People Database, including all types of people the organisation contacts e.g. members, caretakers, MPs.

Fault Reporting.

Condition Surveys.

Statutory & Mandatory Tasks.


Forward Maintenance Register.

Planned Maintenance Programme.

Works Orders.

Procurement Orders.

Facilities Management.

Energy Meter Reading and Consumption Tools.

Stock Control.

Non Domestic Rates Tool.

Budgeting, Cash Flow and Funding Draw Down Tools.

Purchase Ledger.

Sales Ledger.

Nominal Ledger.

Bank Reconciliation.

Lettings Management.

Calls Handling.

'To Do' Lists.

Document Management.

News and Reference Libraries.


Events Management.

Public Websites, allowing communication with members of the association e.g viewing details of events, meetings, agendas, minutes etc., saving the time and costs of printing and posting documents.

Extensive Reporting.

Corporate Governance, for example ensuring that there are at least three pairs of hands required to authorise and pay works depending on delegated authority limits.




Ministry of Defence

Reserve Forces' and Cadets' Associations

Marine Society and Sea Cadets

The system has around 350 'power' users (plus many more on an occasional basis) on the Military Restricted Internet and is hosted at 21 sites nationally, all synchronised between each other to provide fast access at major sites and high resilience.